NVIDIA launches its VR Funhouse on Steam


NVIDIA’s new GTX 1000 series GPU’s are pretty amazing. Utilizing its new Pascal architecture with a 14 nanometer design, the new line of graphics cards were built with virtual reality in mind. When the company first showed off it’s new lineup in May, it showcased a new experience it is calling the “NVIDIA VR Funhouse”. Now that experience is available for people to pick up and play at home for absolutely free.

The experience takes place in a carnival like simulation which uses a variety of mini-games to showcase NVIDIA’s advanced physics simulation technology. From fire to water, slime to hair, NVIDIA’s title shows up what new graphics processing technology can do.

If you want to take advantage of the experience, you will have to purchase one of NVIDIA’s GTX 1000 series GPU’s, because they have added a number of new features that make the cards specifically good for virtual reality technologies. If you’ve already got one of the elusive GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 cards, you can download the VR Funhouse through Steam here. You can also use a GTX 980, but that’s the lowest card that will support this game correctly.

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