NVIDIA says it can make VR worlds sound and feel real

NVIDIA have revealed some new tools at its event in Texas that will take VR to the next level and make the experience more realistic. As if VR wasn’t immersive enough already, NVIDIA’s new upgrade to its VR Works suite of APIs will enable developers to hook into even more sensors.

CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said that VR Works will provide the ability to connect haptic controllers to its PhysX physics engine for more realistic feedback meaning you can now in theory feel and hear the virtual world around you much more realistically. The upgrade to the suite of APIs can be used to create the “world’s first real time physically modeled acoustic simulator” and the Funhouse demo below is just a taster of what the suit is capable of.

The audio engine works in tandem with the optics API to accurately map the sound to what you are actually looking at, providing a depth aspect to your surroundings. Sight, sound, physics and touch are all enhanced with its new Pascal-based GPUs, and NVIDIA says game developers are already working on implementing the new effects.

“When you walk into a hallway, it sounds like a hallway. When you walk into a stadium, it sounds like a stadium,” according to Huang.

The new VR Suite upgrades sound extremely promising and will undoubtedly take VR to the next level to create a more immersive experience. What do you think of the enhancements? Drop us a comment below.


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