NVIDIA updates drivers to support Oculus Touch


Today is December 6th, and that means Oculus’ Touch controllers have officially hit the market. We had quite a bit of fun with these back at Oculus Connect 3, and almost every game developer there was taking advantage of the new motion controls. Now that these are available to everyone, we should start seeing even more games making their way to the platform utilizing the technology, and with 2017 right around the corner, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Valve update their Vive headset to once again set itself apart from its Oculus counterpart.

New controllers aren’t always instantly compatible with Windows, however. Especially in the case of something as complicated as virtual reality motion control, there is going to need to be some serious driver software behind the scenes allowing the computer to interpret what is going on.

NVIDIA may have waited until the very last minute, but today they released a new driver software which allows Oculus’ new controllers to work natively with your Windows PC. The drivers are optimized for the 53 Touch compatible titles launching for the Rift, and will be updated over time to support even more.

In addition, the company is putting together a contest to celebrate the release of Oculus Touch, and is giving away multiple GTX 1070 and 1080 graphics cards, as well as a variety of game bundles. There will be a new contest every day, from today until December 9th, and you can win 1070’s until December 30th simply by installing and using the newest version of NVIDIA’s GEFORCE Experience.

NVIDIA says they will continue to support new titles as they launch for the Oculus Touch, so don’t worry about the controllers suddenly going out of style. There are sure to be a huge number of new titles launching as 2017 becomes a reality, so get ready for those.

Are you hyped for the new controllers? Did you pre-order? I can say that these remotes are absolutely fantastic at mimicking a real hand. Nothing else comes close.

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