NVIDIA: VR resolution that can match the human eye is 20 years away

One of the biggest aims in virtual reality is to create highly immersive experiences — making a person feel like they are really in another place. But it’s not an easy thing to achieve, especially with current hardware limitations.

In a recent interview with UploadVR, Jason Paul, NVIDIA’s General Manager of Gaming Software and Virtual Reality, talked about the progression of VR headset resolutions — and how long it could be before the images are mistaken for the real thing.

“I actually sat down and did the math one time,” Paul said. “Based off how many pixels we would need to be able to push and mapping that out alongside our upcoming new GPU releases, it would take us about 20 years to achieve resolutions that can match the human eye.”

This does not mean, however, that completely real VR experiences are just 20 years away. There are many other factors that would break the illusion of reality when experiencing — hardware and software related. Resolution is really just the start. Still, the notion that it may be possible to experience something close to a real world environment in the next twenty years is pretty exciting.

Though Paul said it could take a couple of decades to achieve this, he noted that NVIDIA was exploring ways to reduce the projected timelines.


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