Oculus open accessory store to sell replacement hardware

The Oculus Rift comes with quite a few components, and while most of them are decently sturdy, anything can break. Whether you drop your camera, lose your earphones, or have your remote stolen, a number of things couldĀ happen. If you want to replace these components, you used to either have to contact Oculus specifically or buy a whole new headset, instead of being able to just fix the small parts you had. Now, the company has opened a small store on their website that allows people to purchase small components for replacement and repair, making the entire process much, much easier.

On the new site, users will have the ability to buy Oculus Earphones, Oculus Camera sensors, the Oculus Remote, a 4 meter headset cable, On-ear headphones, and a new sweat pad for the face. The prices on these products all vary fairly widely, though nothing comes in over $79.

Was there any component of your Rift you needed to have replaced? Check out the site here to pick up anything you need.

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