Oculus acquires computer vision company Zurich Eye


Oculus have been ramping up their game recently, with the announcement of Oculus touch and their new Santa Cruz cordless VR headset. With the development of these new products comes a need for a whole lot more manpower, and the company has started off their hiring spree with a bang by acquiring Zurich Eye, a new computer vision company from Switzerland.

The company is comprised of a number of researchers from the University of Zurich and EMT Zurich, and said on their website that they were aiming to “enable machines to independently navigate any space”. While this isn’t something that would directly help Oculus, it is possible that the company is looking to enhance its tracking cameras for the standard Rift headset, or could even be looking for technology to make its Santa Cruz tetherless headset more accurate.

The members of Zurich Eye will likely be recruited for Oculus’ new office in the Swiss capital, and should help to make up a good portion of its employees. Though it is unknown just how many employees Oculus will have at this location, the seven acquired employees will likely make up the bulk of the engineering team.

With Oculus looking to expand their product base, they have been on quite the acquisition spree. Just last month the Facebook-owned company acquired display technology company InfiniLED, which should help them offer significant power reduction to their headsets. It seems like they are trying to produce the ultimate virtual reality product, and we can only hope that is what is happening.

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