Oculus adds achievement system to Oculus Home


It has often been said that there are 2 types of gamers; those who play games for fun, and those who need to 1oo% every single aspect of a title. While many could argue that these extra “achievements” are not necessary, including such a system adds depth to most any title, and allows for more hard core players to aim for a more unique experience. While Steam has had this system baked in to their platform since the beginning, it was something that happened to be missing with the Rift.

While this was not one of the features that we’ve particularly heard users crying out to be implemented, we’re glad to see it being baked in. Any gaming platform should be able to appease all types of gamers, and the achievement system gives many users some extra heights to strive for. Achievements are often also the foundation of many speed-runs, and adding the system opens up the Rift to become a potential platform for this style of play.

In addition to adding some extra fun for gamers, achievements can be a way for developers to hide small Easter eggs and jokes within a title. It has been a long running fib for game makers to add small hidden achievements for actions that users would almost never do, or areas that are rarely visited. This gives games an extra level of discovery, and adds a feeling of glee when players find a small hidden cave or perform a movement they didn’t mean to make.

The update will be making its way to user’s homes in the next couple of weeks, and will initially add achievements to Minecraft, Anshar Wars 2, and Hitman Go, with more titles implementing the feature going forward. The headset will make user’s achievements public by default to allow their friends to see what they’ve unlocked, but there will be an option to turn this sharing feature off.

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