Deal: Snag a $100 Amazon gift card when you purchase an Oculus Rift


Miss all the hot deals this Black Friday? You’re in luck.

Today, if you order an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset off of Amazon, you can get yourself an additional $100 to spend on the site. This is a pretty great deal, and is as good if not better than the Black Friday deal the Microsoft store was offering.

Amazon also sells the new Oculus earphones for $49.99, meaning you could potentially get those free and still have an additional $50 to spend. Oculus has continuously touted the quality of these earphones as being top quality, saying that they sound better than $700 IEM’s, so $50 seems like a great deal, though they can only be used with the headset since they use a proprietary connector. You can check them out here.

If you’ve got a little more cash on hand, you can also pick up the new Oculus Touch controllers that launched earlier this month. They completely change the experience you will have with the Rift, so we definitely recommend you pick them up. These retail for $199.99, so if you can put down an additional $100, go at it. You can find them here.

Are you interested in picking up this bundle? If not for yourself, maybe you could give it to a loved one this Holiday season, or use the Amazon Gift Card as a gift and keep the headset. Whatever you decide to do, this is a great deal.

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