Oculus announces Carmel Browser, a new way to experience the web


Virtual reality is incredibly cool, but often times finding new content can be a bit challenging. While it’s easy to load up a game in Oculus Home or Steam, wouldn’t it be useful if you could be immersed in VR while performing everyday tasks? That’s the idea behind Oculus’ new “Carmel” browser, which allows users to surf the web in an entirely new way.

While Oculus hasn’t given many specifics regarding the new browser experience, they’re saying that it will be “fully optimized” for the new platform, just as Chrome for mobile was optimized for use on handsets. Along with this announcement, the company says with just a few lines of code, websites will be able to make their content VR ready. To do this, Oculus has announced a new framework called React VR, which will be available to anyone who wants to use it in the near future.


Surfing the web completely in virtual reality would be a pretty great experience, and we can’t wait for a day when everything is optimized for it. With Facebook leading the way, we’re sure we will see this feature come to fruition in the next couple of years.

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