Oculus Announces Oculus Earphones, Available October 10th for $49

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There was quite a lot of new information thrown at us at Oculus’ annual developer keynote this morning, but let’s be real, new hardware is always the most exciting. Well you’re in luck, because today the company not only announced the release date of their highly anticipated Touch controllers, but also a set of optional earbuds which CEO Brian Iribe described as “out of this world”.

The earbuds use the same connection as the heaphones built into the head mounted display, and are connected by simply swapping them out with the reference set. The company said they have been working meticulously to ensure a fantastically immersive experience, and are promising that these earbuds will deliver big time. In combination with Oculus’ new Audio SDK and Ambisonic Rendering techniques, Iribe touts that the buds perform the same if not better than a $700 pair of IEM’s, so we’re eager to see if they can live up to these claims.

If you were hoping to get your hands on the buds, you won’t have to wait very long. They’ll be available October 10th from the Oculus store for $49. If they can live up to the claims the company is bragging about, this is an enticing price point for such a premium pair of buds.

What do you think about the earphones? We’ll be sure to give you our impressions once we receive our pair, so stay tuned.


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