Oculus CEO is “Really happy” with Playstation VR


Tech is quite a cutthroat market, and often times companies will start firing shots trying to bring their competitors down. Especially in a space like virtual reality where there only a few major players, you would expect each company to do everything it can to push customers towards its own platform and away from the competition. In a recent tweet from Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey however, it became apparent that the VR giant (or at least its CEO) is more interested in advancing the future of the technology than owning the market.

In a recent tweet, the company’s founder stated that he was “really happy” with Playstation VR after its demo at E3. That’s a surprising statement coming from the CEO and founder of a competing company, but it’s pretty true, especially considering the titles Sony showed off at the event this year. From Battle Zone to Arkham VR, the company displayed an impressive lineup to attendees of the event. This wasn’t any partially-finished tech either. Sony let viewers play with the games for lengthy periods of time, displaying just how addictive and engaging their technology can be.

While the console’s price point many come off as high to many people, the fact that it works with hardware they already own is a very enticing feature. For many, building a high-end pc can be more expensive than the headset itself, so those looking to take their first dip into virtual reality might want to take a look at Sony’s offering.

What do you think about Palmer’s attitude? Is advancing VR technology more important than one company’s sales?

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