Oculus expects to see over 100 VR games in 2016 for the Rift

The Oculus Rift launch is now only a matter of hours away, and the first unit has already been hand-delivered to the first customer, so now attention turns away from the headset itself and to the available content for the platform.

Jason Rubin is the head of studios at Oculus VR and currently oversees the first-party studios for Oculus and also works with third-party game companies for the Oculus Rift. He explains that over 100 games will be available for the Rift by the end of the year, which should help compete with the vast Steam library available on the HTC Vive, and PS4 titles for the Playstation VR.

He explains that the jump to cutting-edge immersive VR content is comparable to the technological leap from 2D to 3D graphics and that developers are exploring uncharted territory with Oculus encouraging these efforts. Oculus is focusing on encouraging and enabling a range of titles to be developed rather than focusing on exclusive titles in order to help indie games flourish on the new platform. That still leaves plenty scope for established developers and titles such as Minecraft to be optimised for VR.

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At launch, the Rift will have 30 games available as well as experiences filmed in 360-degree movie content and photos, plus some unannounced exclusives. Between launch and the end of 2016, Rubin expects more than 100 video games will be available to the Rift, and that’s just growth that Rubin is involved in – that doesn’t account for new developers popping up from left field with VR content.

This is great news for the Rift, and especially for VR in general.

Source: Fortune


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