Making virtual reality apps for web applications may be getting a little bit easier. Late last week, Oculus and its parent company Facebook launched a pre-release preview of React VR to developers for making browser-based virtual reality apps.

React is already one of the most popular open-source platforms from Facebook to developers. The new React VR is an extension of those tools that Facebook says are combined with lower-level WebVR and WebGL APIs. This should allow web-based developers to make VR apps that can run in browsers like Chrome, Firefox and others that support those APIs.

This is considered a pre-release of React VR, so there are likely to be more than a few bugs and issues. However, this version does come with full documentation, which means developers can start building browser-based VR apps right away, even if they don’t own a VR headset like the Oculus Rift.

While most VR experiences are available currently as standalone apps, there is certainly going to be an audience for browser-based virtual reality experiences. Facebook and Oculus look like they will be embracing these kind of web apps with their new React VR tools.

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