Oculus announces 6 new games at GDC 2017


While many were hopeful that we might be seeing some new VR hardware at GDC 2017, the conference has already proven that it’s all about software this year. Oculus was especially excited to talk through its new games slated for release later this year, so we’ve opted to list them here for your convenience. These are the games Oculus is excited about.

The Mage’s Tale – inXlile

We wrote about the coming of The Mage’s Tale late last week, when inXile decided to let the world know that the newest adaptation of The Bard’s Tale was finally in development. The title will utilize full control of the Oculus Touch to make the experience as immersive as possible as you cast your way through this deep tale from the legendary RPG studio. The developers are saying this title will actually be quite lengthy, so you should be getting your money’s worth when the game actually launches. Though we still don’t have an official launch date for this game, it will surely be a hit when it finally makes its way to the Oculus Store.

Blade and Soul: Table Arena – NCSoft

Blade and Soul has been a popular series since the dawn of the first title in 2012, and now the franchise is making its way to the rapidly growing card game format. Surprisingly, even virtual card games have been gaining a huge amount of traction, with titles like Hearthstone leading the way. Virtual reality just adds another layer of realism to this type of title, and Blade and Soul seems like quite an interesting series to adapt to the genre. The graphics in this title are quite exciting and flashy, so if you ever wished for a Yu-Gi-Oh! style reality that could make monsters appear from cards, it seems like we’re finally getting there.

From Other Suns – Gunfire Games

Gunfire Games is arguably most famous for the game Chronos, and has opted to continue making virtual reality titles after its release. From Other Suns is quite a bit more ambitious than something like Chronos however, as it utilizes procedural generation to create randomized maps and object in space. The title is definitely more Sci-Fi than fantasy, so if you were looking for something to curb that space travel itch, this will be worth a look.

Term1nal – Force Field

Term1nal is a new title for Gear VR which sets the player inside a huge facility with the mission of infiltrating the system using nothing but a number of different robots. This title is releasing for Gear VR, so while it may not be quite as involved as some of the other titles from Oculus, it seems to still be full of challenges and adventure. Though we don’t know a lot about the game past what we can see in the trailer, it seems to use some interesting graphics and gameplay, and we’re excited to try it out on release.

Brass Tactics – Hidden Path Entertainment

Hidden Path are the brilliant developers behind the popular series Defense Grid, so you know whatever they make next is going to be good. Brass tactic is a strategy game which uses the Oculus Touch controllers to aid the player to lead legions of cartoony minions towards war. The game uses quite a unique atmosphere for such a harsh subject, and it looks to be pretty easy to pick up and play as well. You’ll be able to compete against others in this multiplayer arena, so it will likely be a game that will get competitive fast. Whether or not you are into this kind of title, it looks like it will be heaps of fun for everyone.

Augmented Empire – Coatsink

Augmented Empire is a new strategy RPG title for the Gear VR, which takes cues from games like XCOM to deliver a very intense and deep title. Coatsink says that this particular game is much deeper and more advanced than anything it has created before, so you know you will be able to sink countless hours into this title to become as skilled as possible.



Are any of these games of interest to you? It’s exciting to see Oculus touting so many high quality titles for the coming year. We can’t see what comes from next.

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