Oculus Home updated to version 1.6 with Automatic App Updates

oculus home

Oculus is pushing version 1.6 to its Oculus Home software, which brings two significant new features to the platform including automatic app updates and bandwidth limits.

The first enhancement to Oculus Home in version 1.6 is the addition of automatic app updates, which is something the community have been asking for. This will allow updates made to the app by the developer to be pushed to the device as soon as they are made available. This means that a user won’t have to manually check for updates, which can stack up quite quickly if not checked regularly. Simply flip a switch in Oculus Home settings to enable the system to automatically update your games and apps.

To assist with automatic updates and keep control of the bandwidth that this feature uses, Oculus have introduced a mechanism to set bandwidth limits. Useful for people who are concerned with Internet limits, the bandwidth limit in version 1.6 of Oculus Home is perfect to take control of download limits.

This feature can unfortunately be used in a way that will affect the experience for Oculus users if not set correctly. Limiting the bandwidth that Oculus Home uses extends to apps and games so can control the amount of Internet those pieces of content demand. Setting this too restrictively could have a detrimental affect on your experience.

You should notice Oculus Home version 1.6 rolling out to a headset near you over the next few days.

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