Oculus is staying quiet about support for MacOS

Way back in the early days of the Oculus Rift, support for OSX was thriving. During the DK1 and DK2 phase, plenty of developers were using OSX to develop and run some of the first virtual reality applications. Oculus decided to halt support for the OS leading up to the launch of the consumer model of the headset however, and people were speculating that the announcement of Apple officially supporting VR would spur a renaissance of development on the platform.

So far, Valve has pledged to make Steam VR available on MacOS, bringing the HTC Vive to those who use Apple’s hardware. The new iMacs are much more powerful than those of previous generations, so it makes sense for virtual reality to finally make its way to such a popular platform. And while HTC’s popular option is set to be fully supported on this new hardware, Oculus seems hesitant to commit.

Road to VR asked Oculus for a quote regarding support, to which they replied that they are committed to bringing the headset to as many PC users as possible, but they have no news regarding MacOS support at this time. It seems like it it would be a terrible move to not bring support to the OS at all though, so it is quite possible that Oculus are keeping quiet until they have ironed out any issues that may be present on MacOS.

Oculus Connect 4 is only 4 months away at the time of writing, so it is possible that the company is holding out until then to make the announcement of support. After all, the new iMac Pro isn’t set to ship until December, so Oculus would still be early if they announced support at that time.

What do you think about the announcement? Are you hoping for Oculus support on your iMac?

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