Many tracking issues with Oculus Rift 1.11 update may be quickly fixed

Oculus recently released a new version 1.11 software update for its Oculus Rift VR headset. Since then, many owners have reported experiencing tracking issues after downloading and installing the 1.11 update. This week, Nate Mitchell of Oculus responded to those users via a Reddit thread. As it turns out, it looks like many people can quickly fix those tracking issues on their own.

Mitchell said that the Rift team looked into the logs of the people who have had problems since the 1.11 update. Many of those users have set up too many USB camera sensors. Mitchell says that putting in four or more of them can cause issues “from USB challenges”. The other trend the logs showed was that some users put those sensors too far apart from each other. In that case, the solution is simply to put the sensors closer to each other.

Mitchell added that overall, Oculus has seen tracking improvements for many users since the 1.11 upgrade, especially from Rift owners who had experienced such issues before the update rolled out. He also said that the team is continuing to develop tracking improvements for future updated, including for people who do use more than three USB sensors.

If you are an Oculus Rift owner experiencing tracking issues after the 1.11 update, and are not using more than three sensors or don’t have them spaced too far apart, you can still send your logs to Oculus for the team to check to see if you have something else going on. The company already has announced plans to release as many as two more updates in February for the Oculus Rift.


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