Oculus Rift backorder slips, new orders ship in August

The Oculus Rift officially launched on March 28th when it began shipping to Kickstarter backers and the first pre-orders and the units quickly began to become backordered for four months, which held steady for a while but the backorders have now slipped by yet another month.

Furthermore, if you order your Oculus Rift today, you’ll not see your headset shift until August. It isn’t clear if the delays are due to the Rift demand increasing that Oculus didn’t predict or due to shipping delays.

Oculus last week confirmed that initial shipments had been delayed due to a component shortage and the company refunded the shipping costs of all orders up to that point, but insisted customers would see an update to their order by April 12th.

“…many Rifts will be arriving on schedule and in line with original estimates”

With the HTC Vive launching last week and holding steady of a backorder date until May, even with payment processing issues and early shipping problems, it’ll only increase the pressure on Oculus to get their Rift out to customers before orders begin to get cancelled.


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