Get $100 in app store credit with Oculus Rift Best Buy purchase during Black Friday

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If you want to jump in on the virtual reality trend, and can wait a few days, Best Buy has an interesting Black Friday promo offer for the Oculus Rift PC headset. Purchasing it from the retailer will also get you a $100 credit for the Oculus Store to buy apps and games for the Rift.

While Best Buy doesn’t appear to be discounting the Rift headset itself (it’s still going to be priced at $599.99), having a $100 credit for the Oculus Store is a huge promotional offer. It should allow buyers to get a bunch of games out of the gate that they can start playing with the Rift.

Best Buy’s online site says the special offer will actually last three days, from Thursday, November 24 through Saturday, November 26. That means the offer actually begins, at least online, on Thanksgiving Day. It’s available both in stores and online, so if for some reason the website sells out of the Oculus Rift, you can still check to see if your local Best Buy location has one available. One thing about the $100 Oculus Store credit is that it must be used by December 31.


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