Oculus Rift headsets and PCs to be donated to 90 California libraries

If you live in California, you may soon be able to try out Oculus Rift VR headsets for free in your local library. Oculus plans to donate 100 of its Rift headsets and 100 PCs to 90 libraries located all across California.

The new program is the result of a partnership between Oculus and the California State Library. The company hopes that by placing Rift headsets and PCs in public libraries, it might help to not only show people what they can experience in VR, but also to inspire them to actually enter and work inside the industry itself. Oculus also believes that VR applications could turn into a major education resource. In a statement, the company says it believes VR apps could make learning about certain difficult academic subjects more accessible to students.

Depending on the price of the PCs, Oculus could be donating a total of between $500,000 to $1 million worth of hardware to these libraries. UploadVR reports that Oculus Touch controllers will also be donated as part of this new program. VR apps like Google Earth, Apollo 11, Titans of Space 2.0, Everest, Ocean Rift, The Body VR, Guided Meditation VR and Star Chart will be pre-loaded on the PCs for library users. There will be a age limit; only people 13 years old or older will be able to access the Rift VR hardware in the libraries.

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