Oculus Rift plus Touch controller price cut to $598

Oculus has made the first big move to cut down prices on PC-based VR headsets. The company announced today that the price of its Rift VR headset, bundled with its Touch controller, has been cut down by $200, from $798 to $598.

In addition, prices for each of those devices have been cut as well. The Rift headset can now be purchased for $599, a $100 discount compared to its original $699 price tag. The Touch controllers, which launched just a few months ago at $199, can now be bought for just $99. Finally, the price of adding an additional Oculus Rift sensor has gone down to just $49. This is not a promotional sale, by the way; these are permanent price reductions.

In a blog post announcing the price drop, Jason Rubin, the VP of content at Oculus, admitted the company discovered that “price matters” when it comes to current VR hardware. He also admitted that the lower price of mobile VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, and the console-based Sony PlayStation VR, have caused their sales to be higher than PC based devices. He said the decision to lower the cost of the Rift and its Touch controller will help sales, and as a result will also help developers who are making Rift-based apps and games sell more of their titles.

This move will certainly put a ton of pressure on HTC to lower the price of its rival Vive headset, which is currently sold for $799. We expect to see an announcement for a price cut at any time. The only question is how much of a price drop will HTC make.

How do you feel about Oculus lowering the price of the Rift and the Touch controller? Will this make you purchase the headset if you have been waiting for a cheaper price? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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