Oculus Rift to remain company’s flagship VR headset for at least two more years

Don’t expect to see a new VR headset from Oculus anytime soon. In an interview at the Game Developers Conference, Brendan Iribe said that the Rift will remain the company’s flagship virtual reality headset for at least the next two years. For those of you who don’t know, Iribe is the former CEO of Oculus who now runs the PC division of the company.

It looks like there are just not enough new features available that would allow the company to release a new version of the headset each year. The same goes for products made by other companies including HTC. At the beginning of the year, the Taiwan-based manufacturer said that the refresh cycles of VR headsets are expected to be somewhere between those of smartphones and game consoles — one to three years.

So, what will the next-gen Oculus VR headset bring to the table once it gets released? It’s probably going to feature the inside-out tracking technology, which was demonstrated on the Santa Cruz prototype. The company is currently also working on a bunch of other technologies including advanced optics and display systems.

However, Brendan Iribe did say that these things are still in early development stages, which means they are far from ready at this point.

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