Oculus Rift pre-orders begin shipping, to hit hands starting Monday

Oculus Rift has finally arrived! Well, almost. The Rift is now shipping out to those who pre-order the VR headset, and should hit hands as early as Monday.

Those who already ordered, probably know what they’re getting into, but as a recap, you get the headset, a remote, a spatial awareness sensor, and an Xbox One controller. You might notice that the unique Oculus Touch controllers aren’t included, as they won’t be going on sell until later in the year. As for the games? We’ll be detailing them out a bit later, but you can find the list of launch titles here.

If you haven’t already ordered the Rift, you can do so at any point, but beware that shipping times are a ways off for latecomers – with an estimated shipping date of around July. For more details on what to expect from the Oculus Rift, head over to our “everything you need to know” page.

Source: Oculus


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