You can now Play Oculus Rift titles on the HTC Vive

Rift or Vive? Vive or Rift? This question has probably oscillated in your head for quite a while now, as each platform offers a unique aspect which was previously not available on the opposing set of hardware. While the Vive has it’s own motion controllers and lighthouses that offer a new level of 3-Dimentional immersion, the Rift has been riding mainly on 2 key factors: brand recognition and exclusive titles.

Now though, a user under the title of LibreVR has created a piece of software with the sole intention of playing Rift titles on the HTC Vive. Although the code is still majorly in the form of an Alpha release, the reasons for purchasing Facebook’s headset seem to be dwindling as the days go on.

LibreVR‘s software is called Revive, and is hosted publicly on Github for anyone to use or modify as they please. The software works by adding a compatibility layer between the Oculus runtime and Valve’s OpenVR runtime to make appropriate calls to the headsets. Since Valve’s runtime is completely open for anyone to utilize, it is apparently fairly easy to get the software to work. Since the Rift doesn’t use motion controllers right now however, users will only be able to run Rift titles through their Vive using an XBOX controller, which is not necessarily a problem considering the titles were designed with an XBOX remote in mind. When Oculus does ship it’s hand controllers in the future however, this could be a whole different story. Whether or not the motion controller drivers on the Rift will play friendly with Valve’s own runtime is yet to be seen, but if one thing is for certain, it’s that the community will sure as hell try to make it work.

If you want to try the software yourself, it’s not too difficult. Users on the HTC Vive subreddit are reporting that the software is working without any major issues to be had, and that’s a big positive for those looking to play the Rift’s previously “exclusive” titles such as Lucky’s Tale. Simply follow the instructions in the “Read Me” file here, and you should be good to go. If you do run into any issues however, there are more than a couple an abundant community members that would be more than happy to lend you a hand.

Were you planning on getting a Rift based solely on exclusive titles? Looking to change your mind? Let us know your thoughts below.


via: Motherboard

Image Credit: Venture Beat



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