Oculus Rift Touch – hands on (Computex 2016)

One of the HTC Vive’s biggest advantages over the Oculus Rift is its more immersive controllers, but we’ve known for a while now that Oculus is aiming to even up the score a bit in the near future with its Oculus Touch controls. While our sister site Android Authority has had the opportunity to use an earlier prototype version of the Touch in the past, last week at Computex 2016 VR Source had some hands-on time with the controllers as well.

The new touch controllers have been created by Oculus in collaboration with Asus and offer an experience similar to what you get with HTC Vive’s own controllers. Of course, even with the addition of touch controllers, the Rift is still limited when it comes to moving around an open room, an experience that the HTC Vive does in fact offer. Of course, not everyone thinks that the ability to move around a room physically is a good idea for VR — with Take Two Studios’ CEO Strauss Zelnick going so far as to say there’s no market for that kind of VR.

Be sure to check out Nirave’s impressions of the new Oculus Rift Touch controllers in the video above and let us know your thoughts down in the comments.


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