Oculus’ ‘Santa Cruz’ wireless VR headset may see an update at F8 2017

Oculus first showed off its ‘Santa Cruz’ wireless VR prototype back at Oculus Connect 3 last October, and it has been almost radio silence from them regarding the headset. The unit is similar to something like a Gear VR with a phone built right in, and is supposed to bridge the gap in quality between a mobile VR headset and a full-blown Oculus Rift experience on PC. Now, 6 months later, we are hearing the first whispers of a new prototype by the company dubbed ‘Monterrey’ which may be debuted at Facebook’s own F8 developer conference.

The event runs from April 18th to 19th 2017 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. While the event is obviously not focused on virtual reality, Facebook owning Oculus adds quite a bit of content to their yearly event, and it looks like this year there may be quite a bit of exciting new content for virtual developers. There are currently 8 different VR sessions planned for the event, meaning there will likely be a major announcement regarding virtual reality this year. A recent report from Variety seems to validate these claims, so it looks like it could be quite an exciting event indeed.

Since the event starts tomorrow, we should know very soon whether or not there will be any interesting new developments regarding Oculus’ standalone VR headset.

Make sure to stay tuned for all the latest news from F8 2017.

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