Oculus Studio’s VR Film Henry secures an Emmy


While most people think of video games when when the subject of virtual reality comes into play, there are an incredible amount of other use cases that can also take advantage of the technology in the modern world. From surgery to music festivals, we’ve just about seen it all. Probably one of the most interesting uses of VR however, would have to be the transition from normal film to film that is meant to be viewed in a 360 degree field of view.

Since modern day cinematography is guided almost completely by a camera and director, virtual reality film content has to be completely re imagined in order to correctly portray the director’s thoughts. Though there have been quite a few theories about what the best way to do this would be, a number of film makers are still experimenting, trying to discover through trial and tribulation what the best method of storytelling should become the new standard. Oculus Studios is one of such film makers, and has just won an Emmy for its efforts in the virtual reality film Henry.

We never anticipated that one of our first projects would be given such a distinction and this recognition is not only a testament to our team’s creative and technical achievements, but also a validation for the VR storytelling community as a whole,

Oculus Studios’ Ramiro Lopez Dau said in a recent blog post.

Oculus’ Henry centers around a cute little porcupine, attempting to celebrate his birthday while trying his hardest to not ruin the fun with his quills in the process. The piece is just nine minutes long, but still manages to guide users through an immersive computer generated world in quite a beautiful way. Since the film encompasses the user in full 360 degree space, there is an incredible amount of content which users can experience for the first time with each repeated viewing of the film.

Though virtual reality film is still in the extremely early days of development, it will be exciting to see how the medium evolves in the next couple of years.

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