New Oculus Touch features detailed in latest Oculus PC SDK 1.6


Oculus have just pushed out the latest version of its Software Developer Kit (SDK) with a few new notable features, including a new button for the Oculus Touch.

A new reference to an ‘Enter’ button is mentioned in the SDK which is positioned on the left controller. Support and documentation for this new button is only available as of version 1.6 of the SDK and has yet to be seen in the wild.

With the Oculus Touch controller arriving sometime in Q4 of this year, it seems very late to be introducing a new button into the mix. The actual purpose of the new ‘Enter’ button isn’t defined but according to the documentation is similar to that of the ‘Start’ button on an XBox One controller. Despite the new button not seen on any controllers seen in the wild to date, the final design of the Oculus Touch is still not yet known. Therefore introducing a new button is perfectly legitimate as far as Oculus are concerned.

In addition to the new ‘Enter’ button, version 1.6 of the Oculus SDK also includes a new haptic feedback method called “Buffered haptics”.

The SDK supports two types of haptics: buffered and non-buffered. Buffered haptics are designed to change rapidly (every 3.125ms) and work well for subtle effects. Non-buffered haptics are designed for simple effects that don’t change often (every 33ms).

According to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, the number of Oculus Touch Developer Kits will exceed 5000 by the time it launches later this year. Hopefully this means that there will a ton of optimised content ready to go when the hardware is ready.

You can find the latest Oculus SDK version 1.6 right here.


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