Oculus Touch reportedly will cost a whopping £190, or roughly $250


It has been a long time coming: Oculus Touch is likely finally around the corner! All signs point to more details about the release coming during Oculus Connect in less than two weeks, but for those that don’t want to wait for official word, a tweet from Nick Summers over at Engadget UK gives us a bit more detail on the pricing for the Oculus Touch – at least for the UK market.

So how much is the Touch going to set UK consumers back? According to the Tweet and accompanying display picture, a whopping £190, or what translates to just shy of $250.

That’s a lot for a controller add-on, even if it helps catapult the Rift experience forward, allowing it to more carefully match what you get with the HTC Vive. Of course, it’s hard to say exactly how much the US market will charge for the touch controllers, though we’d guess somewhere around $200.

When you factor the cost of the Rift with the Touch, the pricing looks to be comparable with HTC’s Vive. This makes sense considering the tech is essentially on par (or at least nearly), though the Vive is still built with touch in mind for more than 90% of the titles made for it. This ratio will remain much lower for the Rift, at least for the time being.

If the pricing is true, do you feel that Oculus is asking too much? Or do you feel that this pricing makes sense considering how much time Oculus has (HOPEFULLY) spent refining the experience to work flawlessly with its headset?

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