Oculus will bundle everything you need for VR into a $1300 package

Available in only select places, Oculus have put together a monster bundle that will have everything you need to see you go from zero to VR-ready.

Sold through Amazon and NewEgg, customers can pick up a Oculus Rift headset, the Oculus Touch controllers, an ASUS VivoX PC, and four games for a total price of $1300.

The games included in this bundle include: Superhot VR, VR Sports Challenge, The Unspoken and the upcoming Wilson’s Heart. The bundle is only available for a limited time and expires on June 13.

To accompany this bundle and to kick start competitive VR gaming, Oculus is also announcing a new partnership with Microsoft. A gaming tournament will be created around Insomniac’s The Unspoken, which is included in the bundle.

We’re excited to announce that has Oculus teamed up with Microsoft, Insomniac Games, Intel, ASUS and ESL to host an in-store gaming tournament – The Unspoken VR Tournament.

On May 13th, participants can test out their sorcery skills at select Microsoft Store locations across the U.S. and Canada. Local winners will then battle it out at a series of regional competitions on May 20th.

Regional finalists will advance to the national finals, hosted at the flagship Microsoft Store in NYC on June 3rd. All finalists will receive free trip to New York City to compete for the grand prize: Rift and Touch, an Oculus Ready PC and $1,250 in cash!

The Unspoken was a launch title for the Rift Touch Controllers to showcase the capability of the hardware and with it being included in the new bundle from Oculus will no doubt continue to be one of the standout VR titles.

The bundle is perfect for those perhaps not interested or know necessarily where to start when it comes to building a VR-ready gaming PC and just want an all-in-one bundle to pick up and buy to get going.

It seems Oculus is keen to not only make the Rift more accessible by bundling it into a package, but also encourage competitive gaming for VR with the new partnership with Microsoft.


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