The Oculus Winter Sale offers huge discounts on 100 games

The Oculus Winter Sale ain’t messing around, and neither should you if you value bargains when it comes to buying new VR titles for the holiday season. With a week or more of visits to the relatives, long afternoons spent digesting too much food and the kind of weather outside that would make anyone reach for a VR helmet, there’s something for everyone.

There are 100 games on sale with two special bundles on offer, both priced at $89.99: the Gamepad Greats bundle which includes Edge of Nowhere, Project Cars: Game of the Year Edition, Chronos, AirMech: Command and Damaged Core. There’s also an Oculus Touch Launch bundle featuring Space Pirate Trainer, I Expect You To Die, Kingspray GraffitiSuperhot VR and The Climb.

Note that some prices change over time, with a countdown timer displaying the remaining time for the current price on various daily deals (for example, EVE: Valkyrie was just $29.99 earlier today). Here’s the full list of games available:

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