ORBI Prime is the 360 degree eyewear of the future

Remember Google Glass, the video-capable augmented spectacles of the future? Yeah, that one. It may have suffered a painful death after it was pulled for privacy issues around the world, but it still left us with a deep yearning for more deeply integrated wearable devices. While we’ve seen a plethora of smart watches and fitness trackers release over time attempting to take its place, nothing has managed to produce quite the same video experience. Enter ORBI Prime.

ORBI Prime is a 360 degree 4k enabled set of glasses made to record your world. With a variety of color options, a dedicated app, and up to 128GB of SD card storage, ORBI promises to deliver a premium VR experience without the need to lug around additional cameras. While the standard price of the ORBI Prime comes in at $499, it is possible to snag a pair for $329 if you purchase ahead of time on the company’s Indiegogo page.

The glasses use (4) separate 1080p cameras mounted along the exterior of the device which can apparently upscale to 4k resolution. The company is saying users will be able to achieve 90 minutes of recording time on a single charge, and with built in Wi-Fi, video stabilization and IP64 water resistance, so you shouldn’t need to worry about where you are using the device.

The mobile app included with the spectacles allows you to edit your videos on the go, meaning you can finish a run on the slopes and immediately upload your video to the world. There is also a dedicated desktop software for editing, so you should be able to transfer your video files and send them up to the cloud without a hitch. The company wants to make sure that users can upload their videos anywhere, and it seems like that should be the case (if they actually end up shipping, that is).

The funding goal for the glasses is $75,000, and is already at $71,856 at the time of writing, so we’re confident they will be funded, especially with 24 days left to go. As always, be careful with Indigogo projects. While this one looks much more promising than others we have seen on the site, there is always the chance that the projects will never be finished, or will be delayed into obsolescence.

If these spark your interest and you want to pick them up, head over to the Indiegogo page to reserve your pair. They should be shipping by August of next year.

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