OSVR will offer HDK 2 display upgrade for older HDK


OSVR announced its new HDK 2 kit at E3 2016 recently that includes a new display to improve resolution and performance. OSVR have now announced that it will make a display upgrade available to allow older HDK headsets to swap it out for an improved display.

OSVR is built around an open-source and easily upgradable platform and it seems that those owners of the original Hacker Development Kit are seeing the benefits of it as the new improved HDK 2 display is made available to HDK headsets.

The new display comes with a 2160 x 1200 resolution that matches that offered by the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The HDK 2 display is also OLED that allows for a 90Hz refresh rate and low-persistence that is used to reduce motion blur. OSVR say that they worked with the manufacturer to optimise the display for VR and it’s the low persistence of the panel that is the main selling point. The company says that the panel and the technology behind it will be available for others to freely use given the open nature of the HDK.

OSVR says the upgrade process may require a bit of hacking to get the HDK 2 panel to work with the original headset, requiring users to take apart their old headset. There’s currently no word from OSVR when the new HDK 2 display will be available or how much it will cost, but given the $399 price tag of the HDK 2 it shouldn’t cost too much to upgrade just the display.

The idea of being able to upgrade the hardware of your VR headset without having to buy a whole new headset is a fantastic idea and an excellent way to engage consumers and convince them to buy into your ecosystem. Knowing that your purchased hardware won’t be made obsolete in 6 months, which is completely possible given the rate in which VR is progressing, is a great sell for potential customers.


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