‘Paradiddle’ lets you practice your drumming in virtual reality

Have you ever been in a shared living and wanted to practice an instrument, but you weren’t able to because of outrageous noise complaints? This is a real issue for many people, especially those that play louder instruments such as drum kits and percussion. With the advent of virtual reality however, it can now be possible to practice loud music without actually banging sticks on anything.

‘Paradiddle’ was developed by a single man named Emre Tanirgan, who is working on the title for the purpose of being able to practice his craft wherever and whenever he likes. While the application isn’t actually out quite yet, the current iteration allows the user to set up their own drum kit by using 9 different types of drums in a custom array. This enables a multitude of different setups that can be arranged by the user, since different types of music will often require more or less drums and cymbals. The user can rotate, position, and scale the drums any way they like, then save them to custom setups for use with different music.

Tanirgan is building the application for the HTC Vive as well as the Oculus Rift’s Touch controllers. In fact, Oculus recently gave him funding through their Lauch Pad Scholarship Program, meaning they have faith that the application will be quite successful in the future. Only 11 of the applied titles actually received funding and training in 2016, so it was quite the honor for Facebook to choose Paradiddle as a winner.

Tanirgan is planning to completely revamp the graphics by the time it releases on Steam and the Oculus Store, which should be happening in the next few months. While there are a number of other options currently available on the market, Paradiddle should be a formidable competitor once it actually hits stores.



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