Play Pool With Your Friends In Virtual Reality

There are quite a few sports that just can’t be replicated in virtual reality. Games like basketball are extremely hard to make completely immersive because you can’t currently bounce a physical ball and have it be tracked in virtual reality. There is one sport however, which can be converted to the platform with relative ease.

VR studio Perilous Orbit and developer Cherry Pop Games have come together to develop Pool Nation VR, a completely immersive title that allows you to play your favorite hardened hall game against AI or even other players around the world. The physics implemented into the game are regarded as being highly accurate and lead to a truly immersive experience. While you’re getting your game on, you can even find the AI playing darts or smashing beer bottles over each other’s heads to really enhance the experience. Since all these elements exist in the game, you can also utilize them to whatever extent you like, and throw bottles around the environment without any repercussions.

While smashing bottles over virtual heads might sound like a decent amount of fun, the actual pool experience is apparently fantastic. The motion controllers of the HTC Vive are perfect for holding a virtual pool cue, and is one kind of sporting experience that can be replicated to an almost perfect level. You might want to get a table to lean on however, as bounding forward to get the ideal shot might be a bit difficult if you’re falling rapidly toward the ground. If you have the means, a physical prop to use with your Vive could help to make your pool hall experience great.

Probably the best part of the game is the fact that you can play with your friends anywhere in the world. If you’re in New York while your friend lives in California, you can go shoot some pool with them when you get home from work. See your friends play the game with you in real time, and play darts while you wait for your turn. The game contains the whole pool hall experience in one package, and can be purchased on Steam on April 28th for $19.99.

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