Playstation VR bundles back up for pre-order on Amazon starting tomorrow

While Gamestop and Best Buy still have the Playstation VR bundles up for pre-order, Amazon only issued so many pre-orders before it “sold out”. The good news is that Amazon will be selling more headset bundles starting tomorrow at the same $499 price point.

As a reminder, the bundle comes with the Playstation VR headset, two move controllers, a Playstation Camera, and the launch game “Playstation VR Worlds”. That means the only thing you’ll need to buy is the Playstation 4, provided you don’t already have one.

If you do pre-order the Playstation VR, keep in mind you’ll still have to wait until it starts shipping in October. So why pre-order so early? First, you’re guaranteed to be among the first the headset is shipped to. Second, the pricing for the bundle is cheaper than it will cost to buy everything separately closer to launch. Third, because you want to brag to people you have a VR headset coming your way? Good of reason as any we wager.


The Playstation VR may not be as powerful as its PC-powered competition, but with a lower overall investment cost, it could be the most affordable way to get into the VR game, with the exception of the so-called “mobile” VR solutions like Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

Once it’s back in stock, you’ll be able to pick up the Playstation VR bundle right here. 


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