New PlayStation VR headset and camera bundle coming September 1 for $399

If you are a PlayStation 4 game console owner but have yet to buy the PlayStation VR headset, Sony is trying to tempt you into finally checking it out. Today, the company announced a new basic PSVR bundle, which will include both the headset and the PS Camera, for the price of $399 in the US starting on September 1.

While some retailers like Amazon have offered to add the PS Camera as a freebie with the purchase of the PSVR headset in the past, this is the first time Sony has officially included the camera with the headset as part of the basic PSVR package. It basically adds the camera for free, while keeping the headset price at the same level it has been since it launched in October 2016. The PS Camera is required for owners to track the movements of the headset.

In addition, Sony will lower the price of another PSVR bundle, which includes the heatset, camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers and the PlayStation VR Worlds game. Originally priced at $499, it will now get a price cut down to $449 on September 1.

Both of these new bundles are being introduced just before the start of the unofficial video game holiday sale season, where the majority of console hardware and software purchases are made. The new bundles are also launching just after a price cut on the rival HTC Vive headset, which went down from $799 to $599 a week ago. Another major VR headset, the Oculus Rift, is currently selling for $399, which includes a set of Oculus Touch controllers.

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