PlayStation VR demos begin at Best Buy and GameStop tomorrow

PlayStation VR hands on 40

You can already get your hands on a HTC Vive at your local Best Buy and GameStop and now you’ll be able to demo the PlayStation VR too starting tomorrow.

Pre-orders of the PlayStation VR have been open since March and the headset now has an official shipping date of October 13th, but if you’re still unsure if the PSVR is for you then head on over to select Best Buy or GameStop to get a hands-on demo.

To start, we’re going to be showing off PlayStation VR Worlds, EVE: Valkyrie, Headmaster, Battlezone and SUPERHYPERCUBE. More game demos will be added leading up to PS VR’s launch in October. Be sure to keep your eyes on PS.Blog for updates on which PS VR games will be making their way to your local store.

Demos are limited to 30 locations at the moment, but Sony says that number will increase to 300 stores in the US and Canada starting June 24th. To find a demo unit that is closest to you check out this map.

If you’re heading to a local store, you’ll want to plan your visit as some stores only have the PlayStation VR on demo at certain times and some locations might not have it on display at all on certain days, so best call up before visiting.

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