PlayStation VR game prices revealed in Amazon listings

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With October rapidly approaching and the release of the Playstation VR, listings on Amazon have revealed an indication as to what prices the VR titles will be when the platform launches.

The first wave of VR titles includes the PSVR launch titles that we’ve expected and range greatly in price, similar to existing PS4 games.

You can expect prices to vary greatly depending on if the title is a VR exclusive or can be played on the PS4 as a standard game. All five games are available to pre-order via Amazon.

Prices of games when compared to other VR titles on the various other virtual reality platforms does put Playstation at the higher end of the scale. However, the $60 demanded by the higher priced titles fall in line with existing PS4 pricing, which typically sees higher prices than PC counterparts. SteamVR games can range from $5 right up to $50, with Gear VR ranging from only $1 to $15.

It seems Sony are deciding to price VR-only titles much lower, but those with a standalone counterpart as expectantly higher.

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