PlayStation VR Launch Bundle and Core package pre-orders go on sale

Sony’s launch bundle for the Playstation VR is now available, well, if you can still get your hands on it. Many retailers have already sold out of initial pre-orders including Amazon and Walmart. Thankfully, a few other stores like Gamestop still are taking orders.

While the base headset is called the Core package and is simply the headset itself for $399, the Playstation VR launch bundle that includes everything you need to get going for $499 – well, except for the PS4 itself.  The launch bundle will get you the Playstation VR headset, 2 Move controllers, a Playstation Camera, and all the cables you will need to hook it up to your PS4. You’ll also get the Playstation VR Worlds game included with the Launch bundle.

The Playstation VR will ship in October 2016, though pre-orders look to already be drying up, so if you want one in time for the holidays, you’ll need to act quickly.

Pick up the bundle from Gamestop!

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