PlayStation VR sales have now exceeded one million units

Sony’s entry into the consumer virtual reality space with the PlayStation VR headset has reached a new milestone. The company has confirmed that sales of the PSVR have exceeded one million units worldwide since it launched in mid-November 2016.

The headset normally costs $399 in the US and is compatible with the PlayStation 4 console. That price point, combined with the large base of PS4 consoles, is almost certainly the reason why sales of the PSVR have exceeded those of the heavily hyped PC-based $598 Oculus Rift and $799 HTC Vive headsets, both of which were released before Sony’s VR accessory.

However, the flip side is that even with a million headsets sold, that’s still a small fraction of the current PS4 install base, which has see 60 million consoles sold worldwide so far. In an interview with The Verge, Shawn Layden, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, says that the company had some early supply issues with the PSVR when it first came out. It fact, he stated that Sony even cut down its promotion for the headset during that time, because the company didn’t want to push a product to the public that they might not be able to buy immediately.

However, Layden says those early supply issues have been resolved, and he expects sales of the PSVR to pick up in the second half of 2017. He added that so far, headset buyers have also bought 5.25 million PS4 VR games. We can expect a number of new PSVR game announcements to be made by Sony next week at E3 2017.

It will also be interesting to see if Sony might decide to lower the price point of the PSVR before the end of the year as well. Sony is usually slow to cut the price of its console hardware products, but it may decide to make an exception in order to get the headset bought by more PS4 owners.


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