PlayStation VR sets new sellout record at GameStop

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During the latest pre-order event of the PlayStation VR at GameStop, the rate in which customers ordered it set a new record.

The soon to be released Playstation VR was the quickest sellout recorded in the company’s history. The news was announced during the GameStop second quarter fiscal of 2016 conference was the star of the show.

According to Dualshockers, executives on the conference call revealed that the PSVR pre-orders, which launched in March, was responsible for the “quickest sellout in GameStop’s history,” with the retailer running out of allocation “literally in five minutes”.

There was no other words to describe it, with the execs simply stating that tremendous demand was the reason for the Playstation VR headset sellout.

It’s difficult to gauge if demand was the only reason for the sellout, given that figures around actual units in stock remain undisclosed. It could be that demand was simply unexpected, rather than unprecedented. Another retailer who stocked the PSVR for pre-order was Amazon, who are generally pretty good with its stock allocation. Its launch bundle of the PSVR ran out in 10 minutes after going on sale at 7am on March 22nd. Target and Walmart also faced similar levels of demand with their stock running dry on the 23rd and 22nd respectively.

Perhaps, therefore, it was simply due to the sheer demand for the PSVR that stock ran dry so quickly. Regardless of the reason, GameStop certainly have Sony to thank for setting the new record.

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