PlayStation VR sold 50,000 units in one week in Japan alone


If you thought the HTC Vive was selling like hotcakes, you’ve got another thing coming. The PlayStation VR officially launched last week, and boy has it been popular. While its reception in the United States has been more than positive already, sales in Japan are about to blow your mind.

While the PlayStation 4 sold 30,154 units in the first week of sale in Japan, the PlayStation VR headset has managed to sell 51,644 units in the same amount of time. That is absolutely astounding, especially since the PlayStation 4 is widely considered one of the most popular video game consoles of all time. Hype for the VR is alive and well in Japan, and the raw sales figures prove that.

Virtual reality’s biggest problem at the moment is adoptability. With so many people owning a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro already, the PSVR is a piece of technology that is very much in the reach of the average consumer. At $399, the headsetĀ leaps and bounds cheaper than it’s competitors, especially for those without a powerful PC. The game library available to the console is already quite diverse, with more titles coming every week. The amount of polish present in these games is also astoundingly good, so you need not worry about paying full price for a tech demo. Though the controllers are not the best when it comes to emulating a real hand, it’s no wonder the headset has seen such high sales numbers already.

While Japan still can’t match the rest of the world in terms of overall PS4 sales, it’s VR adoption is proportionally booming. Since sales of the PS4 currently sit at around 3 million in Japan, that means 1.6% of total PS4 owners made a virtual reality purchase in the first week of sales alone. If this trend continues and people are swayed by reviews, this could mean massive adoption of the headset in the coming months.

Overall, positive PSVR sales are great for VR as a whole. Since most people don’t even have the ability to experience the technology, it is generally pretty hard to get the market moving towards mass adoption. By putting the exciting prospect of virtual reality at a price point many are able to afford, the industry should start to see much more excitement in the space, and should lead to more aggressive product and feature development down the road.

What do you think about the PSVR adoption? Have you picked up a headset yourself?

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