PlayStation VR now supports watching YouTube 360-degree videos

The PlayStation VR headset for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro consoles has now become useful for more than just playing virtual reality games. The company is rolling out a software update this week that will allow owners to also watch 360-degree videos on YouTube.

This is actually a pretty major feature for people who have purchased this accessory for the PS4. Previously, users could only play a selection of games made for the PlayStation VR, along with a way to view movies and other videos from streaming services, but only in a virtual “big screen” mode.

The introduction of 360-degree YouTube video support means that owners can now check out the growing number of clips that will make them feel they are actually in a location, rather than just watching videos on a simulated larger screen.

In related news, Sony announced it is taking beta testing signups for PS4 owners who want to try out the next big software update for the console itself. The closed beta is supposed to start sometime in early February. Sony has not yet revealed what will be included in this PS4 update, but we would expect it will include even more improvements and features for PlayStation VR owners as well.


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