Pokémon GO coming to ORA-2 and ORA-X AR Smartglasses


If Pokemon GO hasn’t taken over your life yet, then good job! And if you haven’t heard of it, then where have you been? The AR game that is taking the world by storm it making its way to the ORA-2 and ORA-X AR Smartglasses.

Freeing up your smartphone to just be a smartphone, Pokemon GO on the ORA-2 and ORA-X AR Smartglasses will make the game more accessible, more immersive, and most importantly noone will know you’re actually playing it.

The company has recently revealed details of the ORA-2 which originally started off as a Kickstarter campaign for the ORA-1 back in 2014.

Khaled Sarayedine, Optinvent’s CTO & Co-founder recently said in an update:

“We are excited to show you some pictures of the production and assembly process of the ORA2 Smart glasses in our Rennes, France facility. We’ve received almost all the parts (mechanics, electronics and optics) for the ORA-2. Our development team worked hard to finalize the ORA-2 platform and to implement the detailed assembly process with the production team. During assembly, all parts and sub-assemblies are checked following our quality control procedure. The glasses are then flashed with the Android software and a set of applications.”

The device is then quality checked to make sure that all the sensors and display works as intended so you can rest assurance that there is control of the products that are being shipped.

“As we will be ramp up the production process in the next few weeks and are expecting delivery of the ORA2 before the end of August. We can’t wait to deliver our Kickstarter and web pre-order customers with this new and exciting product. Optinvent’s R&D team is always ready to answer customer questions on ORA-2 hardware and software functionality. Our goal is the success of our customers using Optinvent’s ORA.”

The company are already working on bringing the full Pokemon GO experience to the ORA-2 and have released a teaser showing off what it’s like:

The footage certainly looks like the app can do with some work graphically and no doubt it will run smoother on your smartphone given the increased processing power. However, if AR smartglasses are your thing and want to play Pokemon GO discretely and handsfree, then the ORA-2 seems like it’s just your kind of thing.


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