Pokemon Go readies for wider launch following success


Pokemon Go was such a massive success and has created such a buzz that Nintendo shares have rocketed in recent days. The AR app has only launched in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, with Europe, Japan, and Asian rollouts scheduled for sometime in the future.

The Wall Street Journal, however, is citing “people familiar with plans for the game” as hinting that the release in those aforementioned countries could be sooner rather than later and could perhaps only be days away. No specific date was provided but from the sounds of things, interested users in the countries where it is yet to be released could see it as early as this week.

Niantic Labs, who developed Pokemon Go, intentionally held off on a global release after the game experienced server issues due to its popularity. Some users in countries without an official release of the app have been able to sideload it on Android, but many are left waiting for the release in the respective App Store. Patches are already being released for Pokemon Go to resolve some of the early teething issues players have experienced.

Nintendo, who are one of the owners behind The Pokemon Company, saw a 25 percent increase in its shares today following the success of Pokemon Go. Nintendo’s market cap is now at $28 billion.

It’s unclear just when Pokemon Go will get its international release date to the rest of the world, but it does seem that it might not be that far away. It’ll also be interesting to see how long the hype for the new title will last. However, Niantic’s other AR title Ingress still has players and is going strong 4 years following its official release, so clearly the interest in AR titles lasts.

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