Pornhub wants to give your mom “The one thing she’s afraid to ask for”

If you’re tired of giving your mom some boring pointless present every mother’s day, Pornhub has the gift for you.

The company is giving out a number of special greeting cards that transform into Google Cardboard-style glasses, with a discreet link that brings your wonderful mother to a world of fantasy. Each headset looks like a normal mother’s day card would, with an elegant design that would please a mom of any style. When the card is opened however, a built in Cardboard-style viewfinder pops out, allowing your mom to view a new dimension of excitement.

The company┬álaunched the cards yesterday, and is giving them away for free until stock runs out. You’ll have to log in to get yours sent out though, so make sure you’re comfortable with making an account.

Would you actually give something like this to your mom, or is it a bit too risque for your liking?

Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to let us know how she reacts if you do order one for her.


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