Portal on HoloLens helps us peek into the future of AR

HoloLens is slowly evolving to become the gateway between reality and our wildest dreams. We can now video chat with people on any wall in our house, and even play Pokemon GO by tossing virtual Pokeballs in the real world. While the company has only sold a few thousand of the units at best, developers from around the world are using the device to try to push the boundaries of what augmented reality can do.

Developer Kenny W wants to bring Portal into the real world using HoloLens technology. He has just released a new video demoing this tech, and boy is it cool.

In the demo, Kenny can add portals using different hand gestures, and can even pick up the trusty companion cube using the gravity gun visible in the goggles. Tossing the cube through these portals makes it react just as it would in the Portal video game, and it even interacts with the real world as it would it real life. In one demo, Kenny puts one portal at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom. When he puts the cube through the botom portal, it falls out the top and rolls down the stairs realistically. This shows that the tracking of real world objects such as steps is quite good, which could lead to some pretty cool puzzles just like in the game.

Valve has said that it is working on a Portal game of its own for the HTC Vive, but until the day in which that actually becomes a reality, this will have to do. Augmented reality can arguably work better for physics-based applications as it is, so we’re really excited to see how this project develops in the future.


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