Dark Souls creator wants to bring the franchise to VR

Dark, suspenseful titles are some of the most popular for virtual reality, as it allows for immersion like no other platform can deliver. A lot of developers have taken advantage of this genre with titles like Here They Lie, Dead Secret, Chair in a Room, and others, which use dark worlds and terrifying horror tactics to make players feel like they are really in the game. Now, one of the series with the darkest ambiance of all time may be making its way to virtual reality.

People remember Dark Souls for its insanely difficult game play and dark and ambient art style. The series practically screams immersion, and seems to be a perfect contender for a virtual reality adaptation. This is why the series’ developers are looking to take the game into the next dimension.

At the 2016 Golden Joystick Awards on November 18th, Hostess Julia Hardy spoke to producer Atsuo Yoshimura about the franchise. Though not speaking directly about taking the series initially, Julia drove forward the question of what the producer’s opinion of virtual reality was. After receiving a positive response from the Yoshimura, she asked if we would be seeing Dark Souls in virtual reality. Yoshimura initially responded with a quick “yes”, while then clarifying that the team is “hoping” to create a VR title in the future.

Given Yoshimura’s flustered appearance after answering so preemptively, it is possible that the team is already in development of the Dark Souls VR title, and that he didn’t mean to leak this information quite yet. Dark Souls 3 launched just 8 months ago, so assuming the team is working on another full-fledged title, the team is probably not even remotely done with the game. However, it is possible that the developer is simply working on a short Dark Souls Experience such as we’ve seen with titles like Star Wars: Trials on Tattoine and many others, which would be much shorter and would have a much, much shorter development cycle. If this is indeed the case, Yoshimura very well may have something quite interesting to show in the next couple of months, so we can hope for some more news soon. Even though I would personally prefer a full-fledged Dark Souls VR title, any virtual adaptation would be absolutely fantastic.

Are you a fan of the Dark Souls series? The developer has also created popular games such as Demon Souls and Bloodborne, so assuming the new game gets a decent amount of positive feedback, it is possible that we may see some incredible new games in the future.

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