Leaked ‘Project Cars 2’ footage shows a sleek VR racing sim

‘Project Cars’ is one of the highest end racing sims out there. With stunning graphics and accurate controls, its widely known as being in the top tier of titles for those looking for fast-paced simulated experiences. With the imminent launch of ‘Project Cars 2’, fans are surely getting excited to see what the company will be pumping out for a sequel. And while the original game already included support for virtual reality headsets, the affirmation of the feature is giving players hope that the issues present in the first iteration of the title will be smoothed out.

Leaked footage of the new game has just surfaced on Youtube, which shows a variety of new cars that will likely be playable on launch. These include vehicles such as the Ferrari 288 GTO, Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo, Porsche 935/80, and more.

It has been hinted that the title will be finally making its way to platforms everywhere come September 2017, but that has yet to be confirmed. While the leaked footage was noting more than an internal video, the actual trailer is set to debut sometime this month, where we will hopefully get a release date as well as a list of the platforms the game will be available for.

Are you excited for the next generation of ‘Project Cars’? If the first one was anything to go off of, the new generation should be just as great, if not better.

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